Notable Authors of Victorian Era and Their Contributions

Victorian Era was like a golden age for literature in the western world. During this era, some authors had written the wonderful treatises. The stories of these books have also given the script to many modern era films. Besides, they have also sown the seeds of the new age fashion trends. The major Victorian authors, which are significant in this regard include: H.G. Wells: H.G. Wells was a great science fiction author of the 19th century. His books not only provided a new type of entertainment Read more [...]
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Pirates of Distinct Lands and Time Spans

In distinct time spans, there were the different pirates, who used to attack the ships and coastal areas. These swashbucklers have a long history, which has attracted the attention of a large number of individuals in the present scenario. It is sometimes difficult to find the commencement of the ancient piracy. The recorded ancient piracy is supposed to be in the Mediterranean Sea. Some fishermen when found the money insufficient, which they would earn through their occupation of fishing, started Read more [...]
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Online Shopping of Renaissance and Pirate Clothing: Really a Perfect Idea

The online shopping of the renaissance and pirate outfits has really become a perfect idea these days without any doubt. These outfits are available on a number of online stores with a variety of styles. These online stores comprise of distinct categories of the themed costumes including renaissance and pirate. In the renaissance style outfits, you may find the costumes of various communities. Royals, nobles, aristocrats, commoners and peasants are some of the popular renaissance clothing trends Read more [...]
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The World of Steampunk

The steampunk fiction takes us to an entirely different world. This is the world, which was never existent, but still we feel it around us after watching the steampunk movies or reading the punk novels. It is a modified version of Victorian Era. All the events are set in the reign of Queen Victoria. But, unlike the real technological innovations of actual Victorian period, we find the high-end futuristic technologies. But, an interesting thing is that the technologies run through the steam power. Read more [...]
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The Steampunk Time Travel Concept and More

The time travel fiction has become one of the most famous in the steampunk trend. The steampunk is the Victorian era fiction, where you find that steam is the king. Every technology runs through the steam energy that is the special aspect of this type of fiction. Moreover, the events can also be seen in the Victorian settings. But, it is a known fact that the Victorian period took place in England and some European countries also and the many punk movies present the American scenario also. In such Read more [...]
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Steampunk: How It Is Influenced with Other Trends

Steampunk is one of the favorites of a large number of people of today. This wonderful subgenre has adopted the patterns of a plenty of trends popular in the present scenario. In the past few years, a number of trends had come into the picture that had provided the stuff to each other. It is a known fact that steampunk is supposed as a blend of several trends. Therefore, the exchange of these trends is quite obvious without any second thought. “Gothic” is one of trends, which has given the Read more [...]
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Peasants’ Gowns: Perfect Medieval Costumes with a Huge Variety

The peasant gowns for women are full of simplicity. These medieval costumes are also liked by a large number of men and women in the recent times. Cotton, linen and some other materials are used for making these unique medieval clothes. Besides, the renaissance style gowns for the peasants can also be acquired from the market. Peasants were the labor class people, therefore they used to wear the simple dresses in the renaissance age also expect some of them who would arrange the secondhand costumes Read more [...]
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The Clothing Styles that Can Be Replaced with Gothic

A variety of gothic style dresses are hugely gaining fame in the recent times. These costumes can replace the distinct types of outfits, about which you can read below: Pirate Clothing: The gothic style outfits are the perfect replacements of the pirate clothing. The reason is the co-incidental similarity. First, we can find the similarity between the colors of the dresses. Both the outfits come in the dark shades; however, some difference can be seen. For instance, the pirate style pants usually Read more [...]
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Steampunk and Clockpunk: Two Great Fantasies of the Era

Steampunk and clockpunk are two great fictions of the era. Steampunk was innovated taking the concept from the novellas of the Victorian age authors such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. These two authors had written some great novellas in which the futuristic technologies were fictionalized in the Victorian period. It has created a new concept, which has become famous in the modern era also. A lot of films have been produced in the modern era on the punk concept. One of the special aspects of this Read more [...]
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Influence of Renaissance Clothing on Other Trends

The renaissance style has become one of the favorites of a large number of individuals. The clothing has inspired a number of styles without any second thought. First, we find the inspiration of the renaissance clothing on the steampunk outfits. It is a known fact that the steampunk is based on the Victorian era science fiction, but it has taken a number of things from the other trends also. The renaissance style is one of the perfect types in this respect. Interestingly, many of the renaissance Read more [...]
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